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Save Energy or Increase Productivity with greenPowerUnit 

Are your power units costing you a lot of money? Is your productivity constrained by your outdated power units? We have an answer for you.

Introducing: Our Eco-friendly & Productivity-boosting Power Unit Program 

Delivering energy savings up to 40%, this eco-friendly power unit can be used to reduce operating costs and/or increase factory productivity. Drawing on the latest digital capabilities of our world class portfolio of components and our industry leading standard power unit designs, we've created a new family of power units! Energy saving solutions, such as variable frequency drives, have long existed but struggled to provide a reasonable return on investment. Our solutions provide a higher return on investment with a rapid payback!

Minimize Energy Consumption OR Maximize Productivity 

This eco-friendly power unit program was developed with choice in mind. With improvements in electro-mechanical technology, we can integrate our application knowledge to save you energy and/or increase productivity. Our team of hydraulic and electronic control engineers have optimized these units to deliver two distinct choices to our customers:

Save Energy

This power unit adapts to workload on demand. While traditional power units run all the time, this power unit turns off the pump when it’s not needed. We understand your applications and can customize this unit to tailor your solution. Our systems respond instantaneously to the changing demand of the application.

Increase Productivity

Increase your productivity by producing more output. Traditional hydraulic power units were limited in their ability to adjust pressure to the varying demands of the application cycle. Digital controls now enable us to push the system harder through the application cycle with an intelligent setting; we determine this by understanding your application and programming the system for optimum cycle time. This power unit can sense the varying demand needs of the application through the cycle and push the pump harder when needed. You can now maximize profits by using the same electricity with this power unit.

Digitally Connected Power Units

Digital controls allow you to monitor the system from any device. This ensures the pump is functioning properly. The heart of every hydraulic system is the pump, so it’s important the pump stays in shape.

Solid Solutions in a Fluid Environment