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Mobile and Industrial IoT Solutions engineered by Applied Fluid Power CONNECT™

CONNECT. Track. Monitor. Update. Grow.

An IoT solution compatible with your existing ECU

Take advantage of new technology and revenue streams

"The speed of adoption of IoT technology has shown to be the variable that puts distance between front-runners, followers, and laggards."

  • Front-runners (earliest adopters) can expect a cumulative + 122% change in cash-flow
  • Followers +10% cash-flow change
  • Laggards, companies that do not adopt AI a -23% decrease in cash-flow

Source: McKinsey, Leveraging Industrial IoT and advanced technologies for digital transformation

IoT Stages of Adoption - Where are you?

Pro Tip: Leverage the experiences of others in the field and be honest in your evaluation.

Source: Gartner, Internet of Things: Unlocking True Digital Business Potential

An Industrial IoT solution that connects across suppliers

Applied Fluid Power CONNECT™ is a holistic, custom IoT solution developed for real-world business needs. It addresses the primary challenges facing many organizations looking to implement a mobile or industrial IoT solution.

  • Cost - working across different machine types and brands is critical to a successful deployment and to keep costs down
  • Time - actionable data delivered quickly supports business growth 
  • Reliability - secure and remote connections allow work to continue even if you can't be onsite

Applied Fluid Power CONNECT IoT Solution Benefits

Learn how connected machines are driving real-world solutions

Better Crop Yields with IoT

A major agricultural grower implemented a solution that remotely manages, monitors, and optimizes pump station operation for better crop yields and product quality. Read More

Applied Fluid Power CONNECT™, the name says it all. Whatever components and machines you use and wherever they are - we can connect them.

Industry leading holistic Mobile and Industrial IoT solution

Connecting your machines, parts and team - no matter the supplier

Applied Fluid Power CONNECT™, is a mobile and industrial IoT solution developed for how your company actually runs. Our IoT solution connects your machinery and parts with each other and your team, no matter the supplier. And with over the air (OTA) technology, you can be on-site even when you're in the office or across the globe.

Get the right technology for your organization, no matter which partners or platforms you're leveraging

There's nothing new about IoT data reading devices, but most options available today are proprietary and only compatible with one platform. Does your fleet only leverage parts and machinery from one supplier? Does anyone? 


Applied Fluid Power CONNECT™ is a holistic, custom IoT solution developed for real-world business needs. Track your fleet. Monitor machinery in the field. Update systems remotely. No matter how many suppliers you leverage

    • Turnkey IoT solution for monitoring, tracking, and management for mobile and industrial machines
    • A customizable, brand-agnostic platform that meets your unique requirements
    • Powered by industry experts Elevat and STW Technic 

Reduce costs, improve reliability, and increase productivity

There are plenty of IoT devices that can read and regurgitate data. Applied Fluid Power CONNECT™, not only collects data, it can communicate with you and your team, control machine and programming devices, and analyze the information you need to make better business decisions.

    • Real-time information means smarter operations and improved services
    • Be there even when you're not with OTA (Over the Air) Programming
    • Connect to and securely store critical information

Applied Fluid Power CONNECT™ works for you, whether you're an OEM, dealer, or end user

Applied Fluid Power CONNECT™ benefits everyone involved in the lifecycle of a machine. From aftermarket sales to remote diagnostics to field service capability and increased utilization, the data gathered and analyzed gives you the insight you need into how your systems are operating and what your customers need.

And when it comes to preserving the quality of your and your customer's machines reduce the chances aftermarket or second-hand parts dealers to capture your aftermarket sales with inferior parts and service.  Applied Fluid Power CONNECT™ helps you protect your aftermarket share by accessing data to preserve the quality of your machine and your reputation with original parts. Thereby, helping you and your customers to become more efficient, productive, and successful.

Ready to see Applied Fluid Power CONNECT™ in action? Contact us to schedule a demo.

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