1 Design, Multiple Configuration Options

While we are working with the customer to develop their manifold package, we attempt to take look at things from all aspects.

Keeping Hydraulic Oil Cool

Hydraulic oil is the lifeblood of any hydraulic system. As such it needs to be closely monitored, overheated oil can cause problems with your system and can ultimately lead to premature failure of your hydraulic system.

Hydraforce High-Pressure Cartridge Valves

The HydraForce HYPERFORMANCE  high pressure cartridge valve product line has been designed to offer the industry’s highest level of valve performance in high-duty cycle, high horsepower, and/or high pressure machine applications. These are some impressive innovations with a number of benefits, including reliability and durability under intense conditions.

FPS Banjo Bolt Manifold Assemblies

Inspired by the banjo bolt fittings commonly used in the automotive industry, FPS banjo bolt manifold assemblies provide a cost effective solution where space and/or safety are priorities.


Solid Solutions in a Fluid Environment