In-House Crimping Necessities

Are you thinking about moving your hose kit assemblies in-house? It may be time to consider what equipment you need to successfully complete hose crimp jobs on site. Explore the essential tools and accessories that can get you off the ground running with in-house crimping!

Extend the Life of Your Hose with Synflex Optimum

High demands placed on the forestry industry can put hardships on its equipment's performance capabilities. This could lead to an increased need for maintenance and repairs. Eaton’s Synflex Optimum hose series can be a smart choice for your equipment's broken hoses due to its increased durability and versatile features.

Eaton's All-In-One Hose Crimper Goes Electronic!

The FT1380e uses cutting-edge technology that brings hose crimping into the 21st century. The fully upgraded electronic hose crimper now has a new digital display, increased storage space for programmed crimp specifications, and can quickly switch between hose types making it the first of its kind!

When to Use Open vs Closed Loop Controls

As Hydraulic sensors become more affordable, you should always integrate as many sensors as you can, right? The answer to that may not be so simple. There are good reasons not to incorporate sensors into your system depending on your application. 

Solid Solutions in a Fluid Environment