When to Use Open vs Closed Loop Controls

As Hydraulic sensors become more affordable, you should always integrate as many sensors as you can, right? The answer to that may not be so simple. There are good reasons not to incorporate sensors into your system depending on your application. 

3 Things Cameras Can Do for Your Hydraulic Machine

Adding cameras to your hydraulic machine can increase safety and productivity by providing three specific benefits: better visibility, object detection and distance detection. These cameras can even be integrated into a programmable electro hydraulic controller, where the object and distance detection can help automate the machine.

Reduce Mental Fatigue with Automation

Focusing on a detailed task for an extended period of time commonly ends up with an operator becoming exhausted or mentally fatigued. Imagine an operator carefully nudging a large, heavy machine into place for hours on end. While the task isn’t physically demanding, the operator can still end up feeling drained.

Reduce Operator Fatigue with Ergonomic Controls

Operator fatigue is a very real concern for industries utilizing hydraulic and pneumatic machines. Operating heavy, manual machines for long work shifts can cause the operators to become physically exhausted, which can negatively affect performance. These machines are often operating near workers and misuse or mistakes caused by fatigue or exhaustion could cause physical harm.


Solid Solutions in a Fluid Environment