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Our network participates in the design process of our OEM and end user customers for automated machinery at the component and subsystem level. We help with analysis, specification, design and implementation of motion, sensing, control and robotics for automated manufacturing and test systems.

Offering one of the widest selections of high-quality actuators, rotary products and automation control systems, we carry reliable brands that are trusted by engineers for easy configuration, whether you need a single component or a complete integrated fluid power solution. Our team is well-versed in the following automation components:

  • Motors
  • Drives
  • Actuators
  • Linear motion
  • Gearheads
  • Controls and sensing
  • Precision motion products
  • LE electrical grippers and actuators
  • PLC and HMI displays
  • Collaborative robots
  • Extrusion and robot guarding
  • Product conveyors/indexers
  • Safety light curtains/mats/scanners
  • Machine vision for robotic applications

Automated Flow Control Solutions

In manufacturing, flow control automation ensures consistency and efficiency by precisely regulating the movement of raw materials, products, and components through production lines. It minimizes errors, reduces waste, and enhances overall productivity.

In fluid-based systems like water treatment, oil and gas, or HVAC, flow control automation maintains desired pressure levels and flow rates, improving system performance, and reducing energy consumption.

Information flow control automation, seen in computer networks and data centers, manages data traffic, ensuring smooth and efficient data transmission, while minimizing bottlenecks and downtime.

Overall, flow control automation enhances accuracy, safety, and productivity across industries, making processes more efficient, reliable, and cost-effective. Its versatility and adaptability continue to drive advancements in technology, contributing to the optimization of countless industrial processes.

Our brands include:

  • 80/20
  • Air-Mite Devices
  • Aladco
  • Allenair
  • ARO
  • ASCO
  • Automation
  • Baldor
  • Balluff
  • Barrington Automation
  • Butech
  • CGI
  • Camco
  • Camozzi
  • Coilhose
  • Compact
  • Control Air Inc.
  • Cooper Power Tools
  • Deltrol
  • Dragon Products
  • Eaton
  • EDCO
  • Firestone
  • Foster Manufacturing Corporation
  • Frame World
  • Freelin-Wade
  • Fuji Electric
  • Gardner Denver Thomas
  • Hanna Cylinders
  • Hansen
  • Haskel
  • Humphrey Products
  • Hydac
  • Interface Devices
  • ITT Enidine
  • Legris
  • Lexair
  • Machine Solutions
  • Marsh Bellofram
  • Mead Fluid Dynamics
  • Miratron
  • Nason
  • Norgren
  • Numatics
  • Parker Telepneumatic
  • Parker-Watts Fluidair
  • Parker Fluid Connectors
  • Peter Paul
  • Quincy Ortman
  • Schmersal
  • Springville Mfg. Co.
  • Tolomatic
  • Tri-Tronics
  • Turn-Act Inc.
  • Warner Electric - Altra Industrial Motion

We integrate your machine’s electronics and hydraulics with a simple user interface to provide the power management your machinery needs.

Solid Solutions in a Fluid Environment

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