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Cylinder Exchange Program

The Cylinder Exchange Program is an alternative solution for replacing and repairing wind turbine pitch cylinders. This program is designed to be faster and more cost-effective for our customers. We ship you a remanufactured cylinder and you ship one back; it’s that simple.

How it Works

1. Simply order a replacement component
2. Receive your new component with fast shipping
3. Ship us your old one* and we issue you a credit

Minimize Downtime and Reduce Costs 

Is reman-exchange actually less time-consuming?  It is! Our speed of delivery makes us stand out as we are shipping fully remanufactured pitch cylinders with equal to or greater than manufacturer specifications within days, not weeks.

Can I save money remanufacturing components?  Yes, you can! If your wind turbine's pitch cylinder is broken, simply send us your old component and we will provide you with a newly remanufactured component at a discounted rate! Costs add up fast when you’re replacing old parts with new components. Remanufactured components are less expensive, more affordable, and a way for wind farms and wind companies to get the parts they need.

Guaranteed Quality Performance 

Our repairs are performed at the highest industry standard. We thoroughly inspected all actuators for wear and damage, and then assess for future processing. Standard wear surface repair consists of rod re-chrome, OR we offer an extended life option via HVOF surface coating. High velocity oxygen fuel process (HVOF) creates a harder, more corrosion-resistant surface. This extended life process produces a pitch cylinder with a higher durability and 5 times the lifespan compared to cylinders resurfaced in the traditional chroming process. Additionally, HVOF has a superior edge against chrome with its high-impact and wear-resistant exterior. Discover how HVOF can extend the life of your cylinder. 

Go Green with Alternative Energy 

We reuse as many components as possible to promote an eco-friendly process. HVOF helps us reduce our hazardous waste output to create a more eco-friendly and non-carcinogenic process. As a result, our exchange program is better for your budget and the environment!

To ensure your satisfaction and guarantee our quality service, we provide a standard service warranty on our cylinder. View our warranty statement here.

*Old cylinder must be in repairable condition

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