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Custom Hydraulic Hoses

Custom Hydraulic Hoses

Applied Fluid Power offers high-volume production of custom hydraulic hoses, utilizing automatic cutting machines and high-speed crimpers. We provide walk-in hose production, where customers can receive perfect replacements for damaged hoses with personalized service. Additionally, we specialize in hydraulic machine hose kitting, crafting custom kits tailored to specific machines.

For bulk purchases, we offer hose crimper programs for on-site cutting and crimping. Our expertise extends to mobile and industrial applications, including stainless steel Synflex hoses by Danfoss. With our trained personnel, we can create specialty hoses to meet any unique requirements.

Our Custom Hydraulic Hose Services

High-Volume, Custom Hydraulic Hose Production 

Utilizing automatic hose cutting machines and high-speed crimpers, Applied Fluid Power can swiftly transform hoses from specifications to finished products. This enables high-volume production of precisely the hydraulic hoses required without excessive costs. We handle a variety of fittings, including push-on, crimp-on, twist-on, and swage fittings.

Walk-in Hose Production 

Applied Fluid Power provides counter service hose production on a walk-in basis. If a customer brings in a damaged hose, they leave with a brand new, perfect replacement. Our knowledgeable and trained staff inspects the damaged hose and discusses the machine and application with the customer. This ensures that the replacement hose meets the specific demands of their machine. 

Hydraulic Machine Hose Kitting 

We also specialize in quickly producing custom hose kits fitted to specific machines. Our engineers carefully analyze the machine specifications and requirements, select the best hose and fittings from our extensive range of quality products, and then produce and kit every hose the machine requires. The automatic hose cutting machines and high-speed crimpers enable us to efficiently produce these kits. 

Hydraulic Hose Crimper Programs 

For customers purchasing products in bulk and making their own hoses, Applied Fluid Power offers hose crimper programs to facilitate customer-site cutting and crimping. 

Other Custom Hydraulic Hose Options 

Mobile Hydraulic Hose Solutions 

 Applied Fluid Power specializes in manufacturing high volumes of hose kits for diverse industrial applications, ranging from plastic injection molding to car washes. We offer customized fittings to accommodate various connection types, including pushing, twisting, crimping, or swaging, ensuring you get the perfect fit for your needs.

Industrial Hydraulic Hose Solutions

Applied Fluid Power is a trusted provider of high-volume hose kits for industrial applications, from plastic injection molding to car washes. We excel at handling any connection method, whether it's pushing, twisting, crimping, or swaging, to provide the fitting you require.

Stainless Steel Synflex Hose Solutions

Applied Fluid Power relies on Danfoss Synflex hose to tackle challenging applications in both mobile and industrial settings, ensuring durability and reliability.

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