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Design Your Ideal Hydraulic Power Unit Solution with Applied Fluid Power

When you’re in need of a hydraulic power unit solution, turn to the Applied Fluid Power network. Our ability to marry systems in integrated packages, including integrating variable speed or frequency drives with electric motors and hydraulic pump drives, is unparalleled in the industry. We are committed to providing solutions that don’t just meet your power unit requirements, but that improve your application and have been specified to your situation down to the most minute detail.

We offer products that match your particular application requirements, including electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic, electronic systems, conveyor drives systems and electronic controls. Not only do we deliver custom designs, but we stock the components for 12 of our most commonly ordered power unit configurations for faster quoting and shorter lead times on builds.

Work with an Experienced Hydraulic Power Unit Team

Members of the Applied Fluid Power network hydraulic power unit solutions team each have decades of experience in power units and are versed in both open loop and closed loop control systems and feedback control systems. This expertise has led us to develop our solutions a little differently than others in the industry.

Instead of just one person creating a solution from beginning to end, we bring in multiple resources from varying areas of expertise. This allows our team to consider all alternatives and approaches for each custom solution, therefore providing our customers the most manageable system that specifically meets their design requirements.

Applied Fluid Power companies provide you immediate access to the critical fluid power components and services you need.

Our premium features include:

  • Vickers PVM pressure compensated piston pump
  • C-face mount with coupling vs. direct mount Eaton units
  • Vibration isolator mounts
  • Cast iron TEFC electric motors
  • Manifold with relief and check valve included, bolted directly to the pump outlet flange
  • Auxiliary mounting bosses
  • Two additional return line ports
  • Port for optional screw-in immersion heater
  • Synthetic media in-tank return line filter
  • Proper warning labels
  • Standard JIC style reservoir
  • No pipe threads on suction, pressure or return lines
  • Additional ports for optional level switch and thermowell

Solid Solutions in a Fluid Environment

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